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Исполнитель: Eminem
Песня: Hailies Song
Добавил: Гость

Eminem – Hailies Song 0


Yo, I can't sing - I feel like singing
I want to fuckin sing
Cause I'm happy - yeah, I'm happy, haha!
I got my baby back
Yo, check it out...

[Eminem - singing]
Somedays I sit, starin out the window
Watchin this world pass me by
Sometimes I think, there's nothin to live for
I almost break down and cry
Sometimes I think I'm crazy I'm crazy, oh so crazy!!
Why am I here? Am I just wastin my time?!
But then I see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy!!
It all makes sense when I look into her eyes

[Chorus One]
Cause sometimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders
Everyone's leanin on me
Cause sometimes it feels like the world's almost over
But then she comes back to me

[Eminem - singing]
My baby girl, keeps gettin older
I watch her grow up with pride
People make jokes, cause they don't understand me
They just don't see my real side
I act like shit don't phase me inside it drives me crazy!!
My insecurities could eat me alive
But then I see my baby, suddenly I'm not crazy!!
It all makes sense when I look into her eyes

[Chorus One]

[Eminem - rapping]
Man if I could sing, I'd keep singin this song to my daughter
If I could hit the notes, I'd blow somethin as long as my father
to show her how I feel about her, how proud I am that I got her
God, I'm a daddy, I'm so glad that her mom didn't {abort her}
Now you probably get this picture from my public persona
that I'ma pistol packin drug addict who bags on his mama
But I wanna to just take this time out to be perfectly honest
cause there's a lot of shit I keep bottled that hurts deep inside of my soul
And just know that I grow colder the older I grow
This boulder on my shoulder gets heavy and harder to hold
and this load is like the weight of the world, and I think my neck is breakin
Should I just give up or try to live up to these expectations?
Now look, I love my daughter more than life in itself
but I got a wife that's determined to make my life livin hell
But I handle it well, given the circumstances I'm dealt
So many chances, man, it's too bad, coulda had someone else
But the years that I've wasted is nothin to the tears that I've tasted
So here's what I'm facin - three felonies, six years of probation
I've went to jail for this woman, I've been to bat for this woman
I've taken bats to people's backs, bent over backwards for this woman
Man, I should have seen it comin, what'd I stick my penis up in?
Wouldn't have ripped the pre-nup up if I'da seen what she was fuckin
But fuck it, it's over, there's no more reason to cry no more
I got my baby, baby the only lady that I adore, Hailie
So sayonara, try tommorrow, nice to know ya
Our baby's traveled back to the arms of her rightful owner
And suddenly it seems like my shoulder blades have just shifted
It's like the greatest gift you can get, the weight has been lifted

[Chorus Two]
And now it don't feel like the world's on my shoulders
Everyone's leanin on me
Cause my baby knows that her daddy's a soldier
Nothing can take her from me

Wooo! Told you I can't sing
Oh well, I tried
Hailie, remember when I said, if you ever need anything
Daddy would be right there? Guess what?
Daddy's here, and I ain't going nowhere baby
I love you {*smooch*}
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